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Job description : Sr. Specialist Organization Development - Alfanar Company


Utilize alfanar construction resources to improve overall productivity and efficiency and enable each organization to better respond and adapt to industry/market changes and technological advances and identifies areas in which a business’ operations need alteration to optimize efficiency, productivity, and increase their profitability.


  • Assess each alfanar construction organisation with development of Organisation objectives, strategy maps, targets and initiatives.
  • Identifies the factors that create long-term economic value for each organization such as
  1. Customer Focus: satisfy, retain and acquire customers in targeted segments
  2. Business Processes:
  3. Deliver the value proposition to targeted customers
  4. high-quality, flexible, and responsive operating processes
  5. excellent post-sales support
  6. Organizational Learning & Growth: 
  7. Develop skilled, motivated employees;
  8. Provide access to strategic information
  • Align individuals and teams at each organisation to its objectives and business goals.
  • Measure the performance of each organisation via four perspective “Financial, Customer, Processes, Learning & Growth (HR)” through considering the organisation’s mission and expected profit.
  • Define the business outcomes, including current baseline and future objectives, and measuring the future processes by using leading and lagging indicators, and linking the organisations to strategic key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Implement and optimize risk management processes integrated with strategy management across the organization and set the required actions to respond to each risk.
  • Develop an optimum organisational structure for each business unit according to the respective business objectives, their expected profits, and targets, monitor the actual business performance via their “SMART” Measurable indicators and restructuring the organisation accordingly.
  • Lead, Develop and activate alfanar construction Management KPI’s which have a direct impact on all managers’ benefits, bonuses and rewards.
  • Translate the Corporate HR objectives into measurable targets and make sure that it has been cascaded into lower levels at each organisation such as
  1.  Ability to recruit and recognize high performance and promote them.
  2. Ability to recognize low performance and help or release them
  3. Ability to treat people equally without any discrimination.
  4. The only assessment criteria being performance leading to delivery of required results.
  5. Ability to create a 2nd level of management in each organisation
  • Define all gaps which are related to “Project execution, Business development, Human Resources and Administration Services” between alfanar construction KSA and alfanar overseas and liaise between every organisation and the Business Transformation committee to cover those gaps such as “Salary Scale at each targeted country, Develop Employee Handbooks (India, UAE & Spain), Organisation charts, Policies and Procedures, etc.”
  • Activate the Motivation & Empowerment Plan at each organisation via developing the Authorization Matrix for each function and process to empower the subordinates such as “Tendering, Promotion, Termination, Salary Increments, Release strategy, contracts, Incentives, Project Charters, IT service orders, employee allowances, Asset transfer, Memos and Organisation charts”.
  • Maximize the organizational delegation framework throughout alfanar construction to enhance the standards of accountability and responsibility in decision making by classifying each delegated authority into “Financial, Administration, Management, Operational and Purchasing” authorities and measure the maturity level of each delegated authority through balancing between the nature of each delegated activity and the implemented controls.  
  • Create the Organisational Development framework via Building the Criteria & Evaluation for all Senior Positions, Build the Criteria & Evaluation for all Business Units, compare and define the gaps between each criteria and Senior levels and accordingly, set the required Senior Position Training (Management Training Plan) to cover these gaps.
  • Reform and Activate operational Committee such as (AFKAR, Export, Development, IKTVA, WAAD and Vehicles scrap committees all over alfanar construction) and monitor its effectiveness.
  • Develop of HR programs such as “WAAD Program” via setting WAAD candidates selection criteria, design WAAD Career path and rewarding system, develop WAAD policy, improve WAAD recruitment process, set their evaluation criteria and leverage their training programs.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2021-11-02
Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Construction and Building
Company Industry: Construction & Building

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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