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 job in Saudi Arabia Case Centre Manager - Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College

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Job description : Case Centre Manager - Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College

About the MBSC Case Center


The MBSC Case Center provides, in the form of case studies and case-related products/services, research-led, applied and practical analysis and synthesis of real business issues in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC and Middle Eastern region, in order to accelerate Vision 2030 needed competencies through:


  • The contextual appreciation of business and entrepreneurship issues

  • Learning that is informed by local and regional changes

  • Decision making that is firmly anchored to both international best practices and local examples

  • Appreciation of local and regional best practices in business and entrepreneurship

 Apart from being the first and only Case Center in the Kingdom, the MBSC Case Center has launched the first digital library of cases in the Middle East in the form of a case-hosting platform. As a first of its kind in the Middle East it will host a variety of case products/services ‘to become the region’s leading Case Center and the largest global repository on Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.’


We are seeking to work with a colleague to help us achieve the above stated vision and mission.

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Job Summary


The Case Center Manager will have a multi-dimensional role that will enable the successful candidate to build on our existing Center’s achievement and their own knowledge of the case method thus contributing extensively to the region’s knowledge economy.


The successful candidate will be reporting directly to the office of the Vice Dean Faculty & Research and will be supported through collaboration and joint effort by other departments in the College including Executive Education, External Relations, Programs and Careers.


The successful candidate will engage in the research and development of cases (based on published sources or field cases through interviews via phone/in-person) and in product development (case supplements, rewrites, teaching notes). They will also be responsible for synthesizing information and conceptualizing and writing cases in collaboration with faculty members, when required. You will also be managing  a network of freelance writers to contribute case products to the repository and attracting more contributors.


The Case Center Manager will also be responsible for maintaining quality of cases throughout the drafting stage and screen contributors’ cases for content, structure and formatting prior to publication. This will include identifying and prioritizing focal areas to be populated, innovating and enhancing existing templates and developing region-specific case-learning pedagogies.


Other engagements include planning and hosting competitions, contributing marketing and sales strategies, streamlining workflows and processes and consistently working to improve the offerings of the Center.


Key Responsibilities



  • Partner with local, regional and global institutes to foster collaborations and promote dissemination of regionally-specific materials

  • Engage with MarCom to develop brand personality, identity, content, press releases, marketing plans, social media strategies, etc.

  • Conceptualize brand positioning; Align departments processes, goals and values with overall strategy

  • Research competitor platforms to identify threats and opportunities

  • Monitor and analyze regional industry trends to gauge demand for case topics; Monitor sales performance, outreach



  • Responsible for everyday activities in line with the overall strategy of MBSC to become the region’s leading Case Center

  • Recruit, train and supervise case writers / reviewers to build repository of quality Case Studies & Caselets focused on Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

  • Develop sponsored / tailored cases to corporate & government to navigate real-time challenges

  • Manage and oversee the case center’s budgets to facilitate the production of quality case studies, platform maintenance, expansion, competitions, etc.

  • Develop site maps and content for the website, newsletters and social media; Draft policies, procedures, forms, workflows and resource requirements

  • Develop and implement robust quality control mechanisms

  • Evaluate impact of applied learning (student feedback on exposure to real-life situations)



  • Promote the Case Centre to local, national, regional and international stakeholders

  • Contribute to setting up an internationally diverse editorial and review board

  • Contribute to setting up an industry advisory board

  • Participate periodically in international case competitions

  • Host sponsored case competitions on a regional / international level

  • Offer online and offline workshops for case writing and teaching

  • Undertake other duties as deemed appropriate by the Vice Dean of Faculty & Research and the Dean commensurate with the role

Job Details

Posted Date: 2021-11-10
Job Role: Other
Company Industry: Primary, Prep, & Secondary School

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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