today ksa jobs:Behavior Intervention Coordinator - أكسيل انترناشونال انك السعودية للتعليم 2021

Behavior Intervention Coordinator - أكسيل انترناشونال انك السعودية للتعليم


Under the direction and guidance of the Behavior Analyst (BA) and the Lead Behavior Intervention Coordinator (LBIC), the Behavior Intervention Coordinator (BIC) will serve to support the Response Team (RT) and will ensure that the RT is proactively working with students and classroom teams to prevent crisis behavior, as well as serve as lead of the RT during crisis behavior. BICs will need to be proficient in behavior analysis, behavior management, physical interventions, and TCI (de-escalation techniques and restraints). As BIC, under the supervision of the Department of Behavioral Services’ BA, this position will observe classrooms and/or students to design and implement Strategies & Recommendations and Individual Behavior Intervention Plans (IBIPs) to improve students’ educational, social, physical, and behavioral growth needed to achieve the skill levels as identified in each student’s Individual Education Program (IEP). 


  1. Responsible for being proactive by training (and using) behavior management strategies, such as using reinforcement, identifying functions of behavior, considering antecedents & consequences, implementing IBIPs or Strategies & Recommendations, and using Effective Instruction Delivery. BICs are also responsible for training (and using) physical interventions and TCI de-escalation strategies, such as managing the environment, behavior support techniques, and emotional first-aid. 
  2. Responsible for leading and providing support to the RT during all Help or Team Calls by overseeing TCI de-escalation strategies such as crisis-co-regulation, managing aggressive behavior, using releases, and protective interventions. BICs are also responsible for training (and using) restrictive interventions, such as alternative area, alternative room, physical interventions, or physical restraints to keep students and staff members safe.
  3. Responsible for ensuring the appropriate assistance is provided by the RT to classroom staff in planning and preparing materials for approved behavioral interventions.
  4. Responsible for assisting in the design and implementation of behavior management techniques and approved behavior intervention strategies, as well as assisting in informing ACCEL staff of new or updated plans.
  5. Will assist the Lead BIC in the development of Individualized Behavior Intervention Plans under the supervision of the BA and assists in the appropriate dissemination of this information.
  6. Will assist the Lead BIC in the designing and implementation of student’s skill acquisition programs, as instructed by the BA.
  7. Will assist the Lead BIC in ensuring that a clean, safe, and stimulating environment for students and the RT is maintained.
  8. Will assist the Lead BIC in ensuring that accurate records and files on all students assigned to the program are maintained.
  9. Will assist the Lead BIC in ensuring that the collection of behavioral and academic data is being collected and inputted; may also assist in reviewing and analyzing data, as needed and as instructed by the BA.
  10. Will assist the Lead BIC in the appropriate collection, input, and review of behavioral data and assist in ensuring this is conducted as required on a monthly or as needed basis.
  11. Will assist the Lead BIC in the preparation and delivery of weekly Response Team Meetings. Will also assist in collaborating with Teachers, Therapy, and classroom staff during team meetings. May also be asked to attend IEP or intake meetings.
  12. Will serve in the Lead BIC position during any absence of the Lead and will ensure the appropriate leadership of the RT is maintained.
  13. Will assist in the collaboration with the BA and BIC Lead in determining the appropriate appointment of RT members for subsequent year based on individual successful performance requirements.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2021-10-09
Job Location: Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Teaching and Academics
Company Industry: Primary, Prep, & Secondary School

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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